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Species: White Clover

Additional white clover information via the Forage Information System (FIS)

White Clover Fertility

Lime and fertilizer needs of white clover should be determined by soil testing before planting. For best results the soil pH should be between 6 and 7. Starter fertilizer application of up to 20-60-20 lb. per acre will often assist in white clover establishment. If the soil test calls for nutrients in excess of this amount, they should be applied prior to seeding and incorporated into the seedbed. If white clover is to be seeded into an established winter grain, topdress applications of nitrogen to the small grain should not be made.

Clover stands should be fertilized annually according to soil test recommendations. In the absence of a soil test and assuming a medium- fertility soil, apply 0-60-145 lb. per acre. When white clover makes up less than 30% of a white clover-grass mixture, apply 30 to 50 lb. of N per acre to enhance grass production.

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