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Species: Tall Fescue

Additional tall fescue information via the Forage Information System (FIS)

Tall Fescue Establishment

Tall fescue and accompanying legumes can be seeded in the spring or late summer. Spring seedings should be made as early as possible to avoid hot dry weather when the seedlings are small. Late-summer seedings usually have less weed competition and more favorable moisture conditions than spring seedings. Late- summer seedings should be made before August 15 in northern Pennsylvania and September 1 in Southern Pennsylvania.

When seeding alone,12 lb of tall fescue seed per acre is adequate. Tall fescue in legume mixtures should be seeded at 8-10 lb per acre.

For best results, band seed tall fescue 1/4 inch deep. Press wheels used in conjunction with band seeding will add additional stand insurance. If the seedbed is dry and not firm, cultipack before seeding to make a firm seedbed.