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Large Round Bale Silage

Large Round Bale Silage Storage

The storage site will give best results if stubble and sharp objects are cleared. Some people lay an old piece of plastic on the ground prior to placing the bales. Spray the perimeter of the stack to kill weeds which harbor insects and rodents. Do not cover the bales with an extra layer of plastic because it makes an ideal nesting site for rodents. Rodents can chew through the plastic wrap or bag which will greatly increase storage losses. Find a shady area, preferably on a north facing slope, to avoid temperature fluctuations which can degrade both the silage as well as the plastic.

To increase bale density in storage, consider stacking the bales as follows:

  1. Above 75% moisture content, use a single layer stack
  2. Between 65% and 75% moisture, use a double layer stack, pyramid fashion
  3. Below 65% moisture content, stack up to three layers high, pyramid fashion