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Large Round Bale Silage

Feeding Large Round Bale Silage

Feeding round bale silage is similar to feeding large-round bales of hay in that conventional bale feeding rings can be used. With the high investment in wrapping bales, it is essential to control feeding losses. Some studies have shown there can be up to 50% loss when large round silage bales are simply unrolled on the ground. This loss can be reduced to less than 10% by using a simple ring feeder. Mobile feed carts, especially designed for unrolling or grinding large bales within narrow barn alleys are now available in the United States. In addition, tub grinders can work but plugging on the large bales of silage may be a concern.

The feed quality of large round bale silage, especially those bales with a high proportion of legumes, may cause overfeeding to some classes of animals. Consider using the the high legume bales for classes of animals that require high quality forage or restrict the amount of bales available at any time.