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Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council

Looking to the future with the PFGC

Forages and grasslands involve a large percentage of our land base, and cross many disciplines. Directly or indirectly every forage-livestock farmer, and nearly every citizen in the state has been affected by the PFGC and its programs. And the influence of the PFGC has been felt well beyond state borders.

An organization such as the PFGC does not and can not function at its full potential without strong membership. To maintain our effectiveness as an organization which addresses concern of forages and grasslands in Pennsylvania, we need your membership and support. As we begin the 21st century, we would like to see our membership double and our involvement in forage and grassland concerns increase.

With continued strong interest, leadership and support from producers, agri-industry and educators, the PFGC will continue to develop new programs which will benefit the State's important grassland-livestock industry and the people of our state.

For more information about the PFGC, it's activities, and possible involvement contact:

Dr. Marvin H. Hall (

Is the PFGC in your future?

The Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council, with your membership and support, can accomplish much toward a better forage industry, environment, and community. It's a big challenge and we need your help in a couple ways. First, by becoming a member, either as an individual or as a supporting organization. Second, by becoming involved in the Council's programs. With your input, the PFGC can serve an even more active role in supporting the forage industry.