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Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council

What are our activities?

Publish Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland News, a quarterly newsletter addressing forage and grassland concerns in Pennsylvania. All PFGC members are also members of our national organization, AFGC, and receive the national publications.

  • Co-sponsors of Forage Workshops, several day - multidisciplinary workshops which address aspects of the production and utilization of forages and grasslands.
  • Co-sponsor Forage & Grazing Conferences, and other educational program held through out Pennsylvania.
  • Co-sponsors of Competitive Hay Shows to recognize and stimulate high quality forage production.
  • Co-sponsor forage, grassland, and livestock field days.
  • Sponsor scholarships at Penn State University and Delaware Valley College to encourage undergraduate study in forage and grassland agriculture.
  • Support Ag Progress Days, one of the largest and most educational agricultural shows in the east.
  • Co-sponsor leadership activities such as the Outstanding Forage and Grassland Spokesperson program.
  • Identify and recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to Forage and Grassland Agriculture in Pennsylvania.