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Northeast Pasture Survey 2007

Background Information About the Survey:


Who is conducting this survey?


The U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), University Park, PA is conducting this survey. Our unit conducts pasture-based research throughout the northeastern USA, and our mission and current research can be found on our web site:


What is the purpose of this survey?


This survey is designed to collect basic information about pasture seed mixtures and pasture management practices from farmers and livestock producers in the northeastern USA.


How are we conducting this survey?


Attached to this message is a link to the Survey titled "Northeast_Pasture_Survey_2007". You can click on the link, which will take you to our web site. The answers to each question are "point-and-click", so you will not have to type any information if you do not want to. It will only take a few minutes to complete the Survey.


Who is encouraged to fill-out the Survey?


Farmers or livestock producers living in the northeastern USA who use pastures as a feed source for any type of livestock (dairy, beef, sheep, goat, horse, and so on). Information from producers who have re-seeded or renovated pastures with commercially-purchased seed in the past two years will be particularly helpful.


The reasons for conducting this survey include:


  1. To identify the extent of commercially-available and/or custom-blended Pasture Seed Mixtures being purchased and planted by producers throughout the northeastern USA;
  2. To identify the most commonly-planted forage species and combinations of mixtures;
  3. To correlate this information with past and current small-plot research as well as on-farm plant species identification projects that have been conducted throughout the region.


What we will do with the data that we collect:


  1. Use it to refine and better focus our research efforts in the area of plant species diversity of pastures and grazing lands for increasing forage yield, improving yield stability, and reducing soil nutrient loss from farms in the northeastern USA;
  2. Relate it to data collected from forage mixture research conducted in small-plot experiments throughout the region;
  3. Expand our knowledge of complex forage mixtures at the pasture and farm levels.
  4. Determine the forage species composition of those mixtures (i.e. the identity and number of species used in mixtures)


Data we are NOT collecting:


We do NOT want any personal information (such as names, addresses, contact information, income, etc.) from producers, or specific information of products purchased by producers, or the prices they paid. The questions found in the survey are designed so as to avoid any specific mention of personal information or products used.